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RHS Botanical day out, a lizard, and appearing in a magazine - November 26th 2012

Story posted: 26. November 2012 by Lizzie Harper

This week was spent, mostly, not in the studio.  On Wednesday I had a day trip to the Lindley Library at the RHS in Londo n .  Our group, The Institute of Analytical Plant Illustrators (IAPI) were given a tour of some of the wonderful treasures held there.  Seeing the original paintings done by life-long heroes such as Ehret, Stella Ross-Craig, and the Bauer brothers was breath taking.  We had hand lenses out, peering at the gouache of Snelling’s peonies

and gasped at the softness of the fruit painted by Hooker.

We also looked at a wonderful overview of…

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Oystercatcher natural history illustration, Christmas cards and a painted hairbrush... - November 19th 2012

Story posted: 19. November 2012 by Lizzie Harper

This week was all about using time effectively.  It’s something of an art-form, and has to be done often and with little warning.  It happens when there’s a lot of work on, but you end up with time on your hands as you wait for feedback and “go-aheads” from clients.


I decided to get all my Christmas stuff done.  First up was a hairbrush that I decorated for my sister.

Painting decoratively is a pleasing change, and a good opportunity to work in acrylic paints instead of watercolour.  It’s so much easier to fix mistakes when you can simply re-paint on top of…

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Botanical illustration workshop, grasses; a poppy; and a stonechat - November 12th 2012

Story posted: 12. November 2012 by Lizzie Harper

It’s been a pretty busy week, and doubtless I’ll forget at least some of what I’ve done (or still need to do)…


The grasses workshop with Hereford Botanical Art Group went really well.  There were 15 students, all experienced and informed, and most importantly enthusiastic.  Having scoured wasteland and hedgerows, and begged for supplies from a farmer friend; I’d collated rather a fine of late flowering grasses.  Rye grass, wheat, Cock’s foot, wild oat, Yorkshire fog…

I also had some dried ones on hand.  Instead of being appalled when confronted with this…

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Dragonflies and summer pond, botanical illustration of a dandelion - Weekly Update 5th November 2012

Story posted: 5. November 2012 by Lizzie Harper

I was away in Swaledale most of this week, painting a bathroom blue and walking about in mud.  As always, it’s incredibly beautiful up there, but half term is not condusive to getting work done. It was hailing and sleeting as we left, so returning home was no hardship.

I’ve been told I can post the final of the Dragonfly piece on my blog, so long as anyone who knows the client makes certain her husband and kids have no inkling of its existence before Christmas.

Here it is, and now it’s off to be framed at our superb local framers .…

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