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Christmas botanical illustrations, and a christmas robin - December 31st 2012

Story posted: 19. December 2012 by Lizzie Harper

I’ve not been working this week.  There are five pictures outstanding for the Whipsnade Zoo commission, but the deadline isn’t for a fortnight so I’ll have plenty of time to complete them ahead of schedule.


Instead, I’ve assembled a variety of seasonal illustrations, done over the years.


Here’s some holly

and some ivy.

Two images of mistletoe,




A sprig of silver fir




and a robin (not in a silly festive hat this time).


I hope everyone has a very happy holiday and a wonderful…

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Mara, a wallaby, and a christmas illustration - December 24th 2012

Story posted: 19. December 2012 by Lizzie Harper

This week has been rather more to do with preparing for Christmas than illustrating.  However, I have completed the remaining four roughs of deer for Whipsnade Zoo , and painted a Bennet’s Wallaby.

I also completed a mara, an animal that I’d not heard about until this commission came through.  I took a few scans as I painted, in order to illustrate the steps involved in completing one of these mammal pictures.  First, I do a pencil rough which I send to the client for approval, and to give them the chance to make any alterations required.


Once I get the go-ahead,…

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Deer, camel, and a yak - December 17th 2012

Story posted: 17. December 2012 by Lizzie Harper

I’ve been working on the Whipsnade Zoo commission this week, and enjoying it.  I got a fair amount done, too, which is really good.  Here’s a picture of the hog deer in progress, showing how I paint by layering up the different tones of the fur in tiny brush strokes.

And here is the final of the hog deer.

I loved this one, he has such rich purplish colouring on his legs, and I’m loving the delicacy of the dappled spots these animals’ summer coats display.

Here are the rest of the ones I’ve completed this week; a Bactrian camel,

a pair of…

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Natural history illustrations for ZSL - December 10th 2012

Story posted: 9. December 2012 by Lizzie Harper

I thought this week would be exclusively about marketing and getting more than 400 christmas promotional cards in the post; however, it’s proved a little more interesting than that.

I got a commission from ZSL Whipsnade Zoo to paint ten antelope species, and three other creatures.  I’d never heard of two of them, a mara, and a Barasingha, so it was great fun to research them.  Here’s the final of the Barasingha:

and the rough of the mara.


There’s also a pair of peafowl needing illustrating, I simply can’t wait to get my hands on those…

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Ash die-back, framed illustrations, and a fish - December 3rd 2012

Story posted: 3. December 2012 by Lizzie Harper

I picked up two paintings from the framers this week, and they look brilliant, thanks to the skill of this excellent local framing workshop Fitting Frames .  I also had a jigsaw of the Waterbugs and Dragonflies image made up, since it's destined for a house with small children in, so I've included that in the photo too.


I also sold a framed illustration of mixed wildflowers, which included hawthorn, sloe, and pyramidal orchid.

Another two of my paintings, a salmon and a trout, raised a very decent amount at our local school Christmas fair ( Hay on Wye…

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