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Oil seed rape botanical illustration, and quacking ducks - January 28th 2013

Story posted: 25. January 2013 by Lizzie Harper

The snow has finally melted, and the river Wye was amazingly high yesterday, flooding lots of the river-side footpaths.  Very dramatic.

I’ve been getting on with the illustrations of ducklings for Waterlife Magazine this week, although waiting for feedback has slowed things down.  I’ve finished the quacking ducks, and hope to have a couple more done by the end of the day, depending on client approval of the roughs.

I also did an image of an oil seed rape plant for a farming friend of mine who is diversifying into producing gourmet style, premium rape seed oil for sale…

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Deer illustrations, watercolour washes, roughs of ducks, and snow! - January 21st 2013

Story posted: 21. January 2013 by Lizzie Harper

There were some alterations required on the Whipsnade Zoo finals, oh the joys of process white gouache.  Here are the “before and after” shots; see if you can tell what’s been changed…

Then on to the coccolith.  First the pen and ink work.

Then the detailing of the background.

And finally the blue wash, to show the coccolith was bathing in a warm tropical ocean, before dying and lending its little skeleton to make up the calcareous grasslands tended by BBWOT .

I really enjoyed working in pen and ink again; it’s a little repetitive, but I love…

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Botanical illustrations, coccolith, and a peacock - January 14th 2013

Story posted: 14. January 2013 by Lizzie Harper

I have finished the last of the illustrations for ZSL Whipsnade Zoo , and am just waiting to hear if any alterations are needed before sending them off.  By far the hardest illustration in the set was the pair of peacocks, whose complexity dwarfed any of the deer and antelope.

I think the problem with trying to get the right colours on the peacock tail relates to irridescence.  In the past, I've tackled subjects who glimmer and glitter (hummingbirds and butterflies come to mind), but the expanse of the peacock tail was really tricky as it couldnt be tackled as a flat surface in…

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Deer scientific illustrations and a sparrow - January 7th 2013

Story posted: 7. January 2013 by Lizzie Harper

This is a half week of work, but I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve got done.  I’ve finished the last of the deer for ZSL Whipsnade; a grand total of eleven animals.  If you’d like to see them all in one place, I’ve popped up an album of them on my facebook site: Deer and Antelope for ZSL Whipsnade Zoo


The ones I’ve completed this week are the Sika deer,

the Chinese water deer,

the Fallow deer,

and the muntjak.


Next up is the peacock pair, which I’m a little anxious about.  So many tail feathers, and each one a perfect…

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Step by step Botanical illustration of Hawthorn berries

Story posted: 1. January 2013 by Lizzie Harper

In this blog I've broken down the steps involved in painting the berries of the Hawthorn Craetegus monogyna .  This approach works just as well for any red shiny berry, although you'll need to take care with what hue of red you mix.  The real secret to getting these berries looking properly shiny is to ensure you leave enough of the white paper showing, this serves as the brightest white shiny highlights on the berry.

First, choose a decent sprig of hawthorn to work from, with several berries on.  These become darker and more crimson as winter progresses, but if you keep an eye…

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