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Botanical Illustration - Tips on Leaf Shape: Compound and Simple leaves October 25th 2013

Story posted: 25. October 2013 by Lizzie Harper

I’ve recently completed some botanical illustrations for The 21 st Century Herbal by Michael Balick (published later this year by Rodale ) and several illustrations of leaves, demonstrating different terms, were commissioned.

I think knowing what variations exist in nature helps you to look closer at a subject you’re drawing; so I thought I’d share some of it with you.  The terms discussed are in bold text; the examples are all illustrations I've done over the years; and if you find any mistakes feel free to tell me, I'm no botanist, just a keen and interested amateur.…

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Scientific Illustration of Bechstein's bat - step by step. October 18th 2013

Story posted: 18. October 2013 by Lizzie Harper

One of the more difficult animals I’m asked to do natural history illustrations of is bats.  This is because getting reference of them in flight can be tricky, (and involves being nice to lots of extremely talented photographers), and because getting the different details on their body is vital.

Here’s the approved rough of the Bechstein’s bat which was commissioned by BBOWT .

Generally, ear shape and the shape of the tragus (the structure within the ear) is key. It's amde of cartiledge and seems to be involved in echo-location.  For more on this, look at this link…

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Botanical Illustration - Workshop with Llandrindod Art Group - October 11th 2013

Story posted: 11. October 2013 by Lizzie Harper

Scientific illustration, natural history illustration, botanical illustration; call it what you will, but it's a solitary job.  So when the opportunity to lead a workshop arises; I not only enjoy the teaching, but also the company of fellow artists.  Last week I was asked to lead a flower painting workshop by the Llandrindod Art Group, and was delighted when 11 brave souls turned up.

Flowers were procured from Layla at the Darling Buds of Hay ; and there was an abundance of colour and form on offer to draw despite it being so late in the year.  I also brought along my…

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Scientific Illustration of a Silver Washed Fritillary - October 4th 2013

Story posted: 3. October 2013 by Lizzie Harper

I've been working on natural history watercolour illustrations for Buckinghamshire, Bedforshire & Oxon Wildlife Trust this month, and one of the species they wanted me to paint was the beautiful Silver washed fritillary butterfly.

This butterfly is instantly distinct from the other fritillaries becuase of the striking markings on its underwings; greens, golds, and some streaks of pure silver (hence the name).

For this reason I decided to show the butterfly form two angles; flying and at rest on a scabious flower.

Once BBOWT had approved the roughs, I…

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