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Botanical Illustration: Diagrams for Dorling Kindersely/ Penguin Books December 27th 2013

Story posted: 27. December 2013 by Lizzie Harper

I'm currently doing a series of botanical illustrations for a book on Bonsai trees by Peter Warren for Dorling Kindersely/Penguin Books.  For now, we're concentrating on coloured diagrams of bonsai trees; but there may also be some step-by-step illustrations and there's talk of Japanese style "icons" too.

Unusually for me, I've allowed DK/Penguin the copyright on these illustrations; such a decision is never taken lightly and relates to the client's budget which (in this case) justified such a rash move.  As a general rule of thumb, NEVER sell your copyright to a comissioner, 9…

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Natural History Illustration: Three week's work December 20th 2013

Story posted: 20. December 2013 by Lizzie Harper

The last few weeks have been busy with botanical illustration, scientific illustration, diagrams; and the inevitable swirl of Christmas cards, school carol concerts, buying wrapping paper, and figuring out which relatives we'll descend on, and when.

The most peculiar commission was for an invented animal, a Yabra.  This creature had to be a mix of a yak and a zebra, and the client was keen for the yak part to look like the illustration I did for ZSL Whipsnade .

I had a lot of trouble trying to make the transition look natural, and then decided putting stripes under…

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Scientific Illustration of a Heath Fritillary - December 13th 2013

Story posted: 13. December 2013 by Lizzie Harper

Painting a scientific illustration of a butterfly out of season is always a challenge as it's hard to get good reference, either of the butterly or of the plants to be inculded in the image.  However, I throughly enjoyed this private comission of two Heath fritillary butterflies and the food plants their caterpillars feed on.

The Heath fritillary is very rare in the UK, and only occurs at a couple of sites where volunteers work tirelessly to create the environment these insects favour.  This painting was done for one of these volunteers.  For more on this butterfly, please click…

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Botanical Illustration: Late flowering plants - December 6th 2013

Story posted: 6. December 2013 by Lizzie Harper

Winter closes in, and many of the plants I need to illustrate for The Cultivated Forager (follow up to The Hedgerow Handboo k, also by Adele Nozedar ) are no longer much use as they are bearing neither flowers nor berries.

However, I was surprised to notice various plants which are most definitely in flower, despite the frosts we've had.  They must be very hardy, or have evolvd to proffer their blossoms at a later point in the year, when any insect pollinators will be grateful for them.  Herb robert is still out in some abundance.  Ivy is (obviously) out, and even now is…

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