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Scientific Illustration: Pen and Ink Techniques - Colour - Blog April 26th

Story posted: 26. April 2013 by Lizzie Harper

Last week’s blog explained the importance of pen and ink work to scientific illustration, and showed how to use line and stippling.  This week explains how to use colour with pen and ink illustrations.

Sometimes monochrome illustrations can feel gloomy, but the commissioner still needs accurate line illustrations.  A good solution is to introduce colour.  This gives the illustrations the feel of an old-fashioned hand-coloured engraving; which can be very effective.  It also has the benefit of being, for the illustrator, incredibly easy.  All you need to do is to put a…

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Scientific Illustration: Pen and Ink Techniques - Line & Stippling - April 20th

Story posted: 18. April 2013 by Lizzie Harper

As a scientific illustrator, you need to be able to feel confident using pen and ink.  Often pen and ink is the best medium for a diagram as it's exact and clear.  Other times, commissioners like the traditional look of pen and ink illustrations.  This week and next week’s blogs are an overview of what you can achieve with pen and ink, and how to do so.

Before being able to work into tone in pen and ink, you need to be confident of your lines.  Try to use long and confident lines; a good way to practise this is to sketch with ink pen instead of pencil for a while.…

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Edible Botanical Illustration – Eat what you draw - April 13th 2013

Story posted: 8. April 2013 by Lizzie Harper

The winter has crept into spring, and it’s only now that that the woodland plants I associate with the beginning of the new year are beginning to appear.  It’s a time to get drawing, and eating.

Many of the common British wild plants can be eaten raw, or cooked; and some are truly delicious.  I was lucky enough to work with Adele Nozedar on her excellent Hedgerow Handbook ; she sourced and invented wonderful recipes as I provided illustrations of edible plants from my botanical sketchbooks .

A springtime walk in your local woods will find some of the best edible treats…

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Botanical Illustration - Tips on painting Composite flowers - April 6th 2013

Story posted: 6. April 2013 by Lizzie Harper

When doing a scientific illustration of a flower, a bit of basic botany helps enormously.  This week, I'm going to discuss a really abundant plant type; the members of the daisy family (the latin term for these plants is Asteraceae, formerly known as the Compositae).

The terminology of flower parts can be complex, so below is a labelled diagram, adapted from an illustration I did for The New Amateur Naturalist by Nick Baker.

(For a clear and more detailed overview of general flower anatomy and funtion, have a look at the RHS slideshow .)

Asteraceae or Daisy…

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