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Scientific Illustrator Out & About – Biolblitz and Freshwater Life - July 19th 2013

Story posted: 19. July 2013 by Lizzie Harper

I recently went to a “bioblitz” day organised by Radnorshire Wildlife Trust at their nature reserve in Tylcau hill .  For a natural history illustrator, such an event is inspiring and educational.

I enjoyed the whole day enormously, and learnt a tremendous amount, especially about insects, thanks to the endless knowledge and enthusiasm brought by Phil Ward of RWT who also happens to be the entomologicval recorder for the county.  I now know my reed beetle, dock beetle, upland click beetle (a beauty), and have got a great deal better at spotting animals of all descriptions;…

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Botanical Illustration step by step - Painting a Sweet Pea - July 26th 2013

Story posted: 19. July 2013 by Lizzie Harper

I'm currently working on a series of sketchbook style illustrations of common cultivated garden plants; there's a possibility these will illustrate a book on foraging in the garden in the next year or so.

One of the plants needing illustrating was the sweet pea.  While visiting a friend, I espied her sweet peas, and immediately begged some of the dark purple and bright red-pink ones from her.  I ended up with an enormous bunch of flowers as well (thanks to Layla who runs The Majestic Bus , a wonderful converted bus where you can stay, in the gorgeous hills near us in Hay);…

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Natural History Illustration - Step by step study of a rose - July 12th 2013

Story posted: 12. July 2013 by Lizzie Harper

I recently did a botanical illustration sketchbook study of a rose for a natural history illustration project I'm working on.  This proved really tricky; partly because the flower and foliage were very dense and lush, but mostly because by the end the rose had shed all its petals!

The first step is to make a mark on that threatening sheet of white paper, and to get all your kit ready (including a nice cup of tea).

Then comes the part I love, the drawing.  As always, I use a mechanical propelling pencil (I like pentel ones), a soft rubber, and Fabriano Artistico…

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Scientific Illustration - Dragonfly Postage Stamps; a dream job - July 5th 2013

Story posted: 7. July 2013 by Lizzie Harper

As a natural history illustrator, sometimes you’re commissioned to do the most wonderful jobs.  This was the case with  Jersey Post’s series of stamps;  damsels & dragons .

I’ve worked with Jersey Post before; having completed a series of botanical illustrations of roses for them back in 2010 (copyright Jersey Post 2010).

They commissioned me again to produce a series of illustrations for their 2011 Forests issue (copyright Jersey Post 2011).

However, this new series, which came out yesterday, was definitely one of my favourite jobs to date; not…

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