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Botanical Illustrations and Christmas: Paintings and decorations

Story posted: 19. December 2014 by Lizzie Harper

As a natural history illustrator, and someone who loves colour, decoration, and nature; I enjoy the Christmas season as it allows me to bring botanical subjects into my home.

This weekend saw the family heading off to choose a christmas tree.  Once set up at home, there were plenty of off-cuts.  As in previous years, these get tucked behing the paintings on the walls.

Holly recieves similar treatment.

Study of Holly  Ilex aquifolium in flower and in berry

Finding holly in berry is always a challenge as only the female plant bears the seeds.  If we're going…

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Natural History Illustration: The tale of a Barnacle drawing December 13th 2014

Story posted: 12. December 2014 by Lizzie Harper

Recently, I completed a series of natural history illustrations to accompany a rather wonderful book by John Wright ( The Naming of the Shrew ).  There were 12 illustrations to do (see November 14th's blog for details); and this is the tale of one of them; a pencil illustration of a group of barnacles.

Here, however, is another British shell, the cockle.

We had a lot of debate about which of  Darwin's barnacle species to draw; John's initial suggestion turned out to be a very odd creature which (unusually for a barnacle) didn't settle into a shell at…

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Botanical Illustration: Inspirations - John Ruskin December 6th 2014

Story posted: 5. December 2014 by Lizzie Harper

A recent talk on the botanical illustrations, drawings, flora, studies of natural history subjects and gardens created by John Ruskin proved informative and inspirational.

Images of illustrations by John Ruskin are taken form the extensive and fascinating collection at the Ruskin Library , Lancaster University, where they can be visited by members of the public.

In a full hall in Gloucestershire, members of IAPI (Institute for Analytical Plant Illustrators) and the Gloucestershire Society for Botanical Illustration were treated to a wonderful lecture about John…

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