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When Natural History Illustration gets painful: A Botanical Illustrator tests Nettle sting

Story posted: 31. October 2015 by Lizzie Harper

The other week, I went on a foraging expedition with Adele Nozedar who wrote The Hedgerow Handbook and The Garden Forager (both of which I did the botanical sketches for).  She mentioned that plantain is better for treating nettle stings than the traditional favourite, dock.

Ribwort plantain Plantago lanceolata

This led to a lively discussion on Twitter where other possible "cures" for nettle stings were offered.

The traditional cure, familiar to young and old, is to rub dock on the sting.

Broad leaved Dock Rumex obtusifolius (Pencil…

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Natural History Illustration: Step by step Painting a Hazel leaf and sprig

Story posted: 16. October 2015 by Lizzie Harper

I've recently started painting up some botanical illustrations commissioned by FSC Publications (for whom I did many of the "Caring For Gods Acre" natural history illustrations).

One that I knew would take some time, but was seasonally appropriate, was the Hazel Corylus avellana .  I drew the leaves and nuts from reference gleaned from a local hedge, and had information on the catkins and flowers in my sketchbooks .

I started by using a mechanical pencil ( Pentel P205 is a favourite) to draw the plant onto  Fabriano artistico Hot Press watercolour paper , which…

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Natural History Illustrator Out & About: Foraging with Adele Nozedar

Story posted: 2. October 2015 by Lizzie Harper

Despite supplying botanical illustrations for the natural history foraging classic "Hedgerow Handbook" by Adele Nozedar , and doing events together (such as at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales ) I'd never had the chance to go foraging with her...until Monday.

Cover of "The Hedgerow Handbook" by Adele Nozedar (illustrated by me)

A beautiful sunny autumn afternon saw a large group of kids and parents meet at Hay Primary School. We had foraged Himalayan Honeysuckle berries before leaving the playground!

Himalayan Honesysuckle Leycesteria formosa…

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