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Botanical Illustration: Terror and triumph, the tale of Hay Festival 2015

Story posted: 28. May 2015 by Lizzie Harper

Natural history illustrators are not used to being in the public eye; so the idea of drawing botanical illustrations l ive at Hay Festival of Literature had been making me nervous for some time.  However, I'm proud of the illustrations in Adele Nozedar's book  "The Garden Forager" and since we're good friends, thought it would be fine to "perform" in this way.

Many thanks are due to the numerous people on my instagram , facebook , and twitter accounts who helped me to decide whether to draw from scratch or work into an existing sketch; I ended up doing both; a geranium…

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Natural History Illustration: Ornithological illustration of Corvids (Crows, ravens, and magpies)

Story posted: 22. May 2015 by Lizzie Harper

As a botanical illustrator and natural history science art illustrator, I do have my favourites among the animal kingdoms.  And I really love the Crow family, the Corvidae .

I’ve only painted a few species from this family which includes jays, rooks, chough, ravens, crows and magpies; but I love both the way they look and their incredible intelligence and character.

The Raven ( Corvus corax ) is a big bird, the largest of the crow family, more than 60cm long and weighing more than 1kg, bigger than a buzzard!  It lives in uplands on Wales and SW England, the Pennines and…

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Natural History Illustration: Staging an Exhibition of Botanical Illustrations

Story posted: 8. May 2015 by Lizzie Harper

With mine and Sarah Putt’s shared exhibition launching tomorrow, I thought today’s blog could be a check list of what’s involved when you put on a show.

Almost all the work I'm showing is from " The Garden Forager " by Adele Nozedar; Sarah's work includes oils of masked portraits and glowing flowers.

Geraniums Botanical Plate by Lizzie Harper


Decide where you want to hang your exhibition.  I’ve chosen a busy shop in my home-town; The Old Electric .   It sells antiques and industrial furniture, classy welsh woollens, and vintage clothes.  It also…

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Natural History Illustration: Ornithological illustrations of Tits (Paridae)

Story posted: 1. May 2015 by Lizzie Harper

Botanical illustration, natural history illustration, SciArt; well this week’s it’s all about ornithological illustration.  Birds.  I thought it might be an idea to look at one family of British birds, the Tits ( Paridae ).

Although I’ve not illustrated all the members of this family yet, I’ve done a fair few, so thought it’d be worth taking a look at each in turn.

First up is the common garden bird, the Blue tit ( Cyanistes caeruleus ).  This beautiful little bird has a flash of a sky blue cap, blue and green back, with a pale-ish yellow belly, and a dark stripe across the…

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