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Natural History Illustration: A series of Greetings cards

Story posted: 28. August 2015 by Lizzie Harper

Recently I was comissioned to do a series of natural history illustrations, and botanical illustrations to be used on greetings cards for Gallery One , a company based in Dubai.  After some discussion, seven animals and plants found in the United Arab Emirates were agreed on, and I got to work.

Since the species were based so far from my home in the UK, I had to rely heavily on photo reference, which is always tricky as you need to ensure accuracy of all your sources, and be absolutely certain you're not just copying someone else's photographs (which is copyright infringment…

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Natural History Illustrator at the New Naturalist Collector's Symposium

Story posted: 14. August 2015 by Lizzie Harper

Being a botanical illustrator, sientific illustrator and natural history illustrator you need to draw wildlife, plants, and animals; and you also need to market yourself.  One of the less painful ways to do this is to attend events such as the biannual " New Naturalist Symposium ", this year held at the Oxford Museum of Natural History .

The " New Naturalists " are a fabulous series of erudite and accessible books on different aspects of natural history.  They're written by experts in the field who have a real passion for their subject, are things of beauty in their own right,…

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