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Natural History Illustration: The Glanwye Fishery

Story posted: 25. September 2015 by Lizzie Harper

I've recently completed a lovely natural history illustration job; doing a series of scientific illustrations and botanical illustrations to accompnay a map of the fishing sites on a stretch of the river Wye.

This private commission focused on a stretch of the Wye called The Glanwye Fishery where keen anglers have caught numerous Atlantic salmon and other fish.  It's run by a group of fishermen who support (and some of whom are members of) the Wye and Usk Foundation , and was a wonderful job to work on.

Initially I was shown the existing map of the fishing sites on the…

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Natural History Illustration: Salmon life cycle

Story posted: 11. September 2015 by Lizzie Harper

Scientific illustration and wildlife art have been combined in a recent job; to illustrate the wildlife of the River Wye for a keen local fisherman.  A main focus has been the life cycle of the Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar. Inevitably, in researching these fish I've learnt a little of the key features present in each life cycle stage.

A key resource has been the Atlantic Salmon Trust , where both visual and written references are readily available.

Salmon emerge from eggs in freshwater rivers, such as the Wye.  Until they absord their egg sacs their known as alveolin ,…

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