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Colouring in for Mindfulness: Winter time Illustrations for Harper Collins

Story posted: 22. April 2016 by Lizzie Harper

Natural history and botanical illustrators get asked to do various illustration jobs which aren’t directly related to sciart and natural science illustration.  These are often varied, different, and fun as they call for a very different set of skills than my regular wildlife and plant illustration commissions.

A recent job to fall into this category was to illustrate  “Art for Mindfullness: Winter Wonderland” an adult colouring in book for HarperCollins.  There were to be sixty illustrations on a wintery theme.

Cover of "Art for Mindfulness: Winter Wonderland" by…

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Botanical Illustrations for Foraging for Edible Plants Chart: Working with Field Studies Council

Story posted: 8. April 2016 by Lizzie Harper

I've recently been working on natural history illustrations for The Field Studies Councils publications department, in this case for a fold out chart of edible British plants which has only just come out.  I'm delighted with the result, they've used my illustrations beautifully and the way the information is included is innovative and clear.

Despite it being November when I began the job, and January when it was completed; I was able to get my hands on lots of the plants needing to be drawn because of the mild winter.  Infact, the BSBI Plant HUnt 2016 results show…

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