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Botanical Illustration Workshop: The Walled Garden in Treberfydd

Story posted: 31. May 2016 by Lizzie Harper

Every now and then I run botanical illustration workshops, teaching the accuracy, drawing, and observation skills required in natural history illustration.

Recently I led a one-day course at The Walled Garden in Treberfydd .  All the admin was done by the wonderful Alison (who also provided delicious cakes decorated with sweet cicely as the students arrived, and later plied us with elderflower cordials, wine, and a delicious lunch).

The shop and cafe area at The Walled Garden in Treberfydd

This allowed me to focus on the students, many of whom came from the same…

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Botanical Illustration and foraging: Eat what you paint!

Story posted: 20. May 2016 by Lizzie Harper

Recently I took an edible plants identification chart I'd done the natural history illustrations for on a walk, to test it out with friends.

I've written blogs on foraging before as it's something I do a fair amount of, but this "road test" of one of my i.d. charts was a first.

FSC Guide to Edible Plants

We were looking out for anything edible, but were mainly after wild garlic to make pesto with.

Wild Garlic Allium ursinum botanical illustration - this one I did a while back is too dull in colour.

I've illustrated wild garlic several…

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Natural History and botanical Illustration of Long-tail tits and Cylamen

Story posted: 6. May 2016 by Lizzie Harper

A recent natural history and botanical illustration commission ended up being one of my favourite jobs of the year.

The painting is for a 90 th birthday, and needed to include an array of plants and animals that mean something to the recipient.  We sat together over a cup of tea and came up with some rough ideas which I took home and worked on.

Series of thumbnail sketches and roughs

Once I’d sourced reference material for all the elements (yet again I blessed my  sketchbooks – I seem to have pages of visual notes on Silver birch  Betula pendula !) I could piece…

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