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Natural History Illustration: A Landscape view of a wildlife garden

Story posted: 23. September 2016 by Lizzie Harper

A recent natural history illustration job for the North Yorkshire Dales National Park involved painting two large landscapes for use on a desk at Malham Cove visitor centre .  The first landscape was of Malham Cove , the second was of birds commonly seen in the garden at the visitor centre.

As always, the first step is to get a pencil rough drawn up and sent off to the client for feedback.

Malham Visitor centre annotated pancil rough

I needed to add a few flowers to the turf, and then we were good to get going on the painting.

As with the Malham Cove…

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Natural History Illustration: Landscapes, a map, and an otter

Story posted: 9. September 2016 by Lizzie Harper

Recently my natural history illustrations and botanical illustrations have been used for an interpretation board for the Combe Mill visitor centre and nature reserve in Oxfordshire.

It was a pleasure to work with the excellent graphic and museum designer Linda Francis (who'se also a friend); this means I don't have to worry about laying out my illustrations, but can conentrate on doing the illustrations themselves.

There were a wide range of illustratioms required for this job, so I began by focussing on the straightforward natural history ones - namely a treecreeper …

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