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Botanical Illustration step by step: Painting Bloom on a Fruit with Watercolour

Story posted: 30. November 2017 by Lizzie Harper

In this blog, I’ll go through the steps involved in creating a life like botanical illustration of a fruit with a “bloom” or cloudiness on its skin, such as these Sloes ( Prunus spinosa ).

These feature on a series of stamps completed for Jersey Post in their Fruit and Berries issue , out now.

Other fruit which have this distinctive blue-ish bloom on their skin include plums and grapes.  Sloes differ from these in having a far blacker underlying colour, which you can see if you rub off the bloom on a berry.

It’s surprisingly easy to get the bloom…

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Hereford Art Week & Upcoming Winter Hereford Open Studios (Nov 25th/26th)

Story posted: 17. November 2017 by Lizzie Harper

Back in September, I took part in Hereford Art Week for the first time.

Hereford Art Week logo

Going under the name of Beautiful Botanicals , Lea Gregory (another botanical illustrator) and I set up in her gorgeous hill-top studio, and opened our doors to whoever chose to visit.

Busy working desk during Hereford Art week

We decided to have a bit of everything on show, so her flower art prints were on the walls alongside my original framed watercolours.

Lea Gregory: Framed prints and greetings cards on sale

Lea does a good line in…

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Natural history illustration of Gull anatomy

Story posted: 5. November 2017 by Lizzie Harper

Sometimes commissions for natural history illustration or botanical illustration can be really straight-forward and simple.  I recently had a job for Bloomsbury Publishing which fell into this category.

Bloomsbury needed a few very simple illustrations for their upcoming publication, “Gulls of the World” by Klaus Olsen.

These were to be pen and ink line drawings for anatomical reference, they’ll be reproduced in black and white, and the art editor provided me with lots of reference to work from.

As with all job, its vital not to infringe anyone’s copyright by making…

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