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Botanical Illustration of Red Clover- step by step

Story posted: 20. April 2017 by Lizzie Harper

This botanical illustration of Red clover Trifolium pratense was completed recently for the  Field Studies Council who are producing a leaflet on identifying plants and wild flowers of the wayside and hedgerows.

First step with any sciart botanical illustration is to get good reference.  Not only do I know where a local patch of red clover is growing, so I can gather leaves to work from, but I also back this up with good reference books like HarperCollins Guide to Wild Flowers by David Streeter , Streeter and Garrard's The Wild Flowers of the British Isles , and the…

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Botanical Illustration: Telling Gorse species apart

Story posted: 6. April 2017 by Lizzie Harper

Whilst working for The Field Studies Council on charts of Heathland and Wayside plants, I needed to illustrate the three species of Gorse ( Ulex ) found in Britain.

Gorse is a shrubby, spiny family of plants in the pea family with spiny green prickles or spines and bright yellow flowers.  Young plants have trifoliate leaves (slightly resembling elongate clover leaves), but on mature plants these disappear leaving the spines and the flowers.

Painting of Gorse with specimens

All three of these plants are found on heathland and acidic soils, but their…

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