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Botanical Illustrations of Fruit for Jersey Post

Story posted: 22. September 2017 by Lizzie Harper

I love doing botanical illustrations of fruit, so when Jersey Post commissioned a series of "Fruits and Berries" for a postage stamp issue I was delighted.

The fruits and berries that needed illustrating were the Dewberry Rubus caesius , the Elderberry Sambucus nigra , the Wild strawberry Fragaria vesca , the Jersey bramble Rubus caesarius , Sloes Prunus spinosa , and Black bryony Dioscorea communis .

All the botanical illustrations in this blog are copyright Jersey Post ( 2017, and must not be reproduced without their express permission.…

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Botanical illustration: Sedges Workshop

Story posted: 8. September 2017 by Lizzie Harper

In my career as a botanical illustrator, I sometimes come across whole groups of plants or animals that I know very little about.  The sedges fall into this category, a fact which became increasingly clear to me as I completed a whole swathe of these plants for the Field Studies Council’s leaflets .

I managed to complete the illustrations, although I found it tricky, but I decided then and there to back up this initial trial by fire by doing my best to learn a bit about these pretty plants.

Glaucous sedge Carex flacca

Luckily, FSC has lots of diverse and…

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Flower Anatomy: Botanical Illustration workshop

Story posted: 1. September 2017 by Lizzie Harper

I recently taught a workshop at the wonderful Walled Garden in Treberfydd on flower anatomy.  I think it's vital for botanical illustrations to be well-informed, and to this end I think botanical illustrators need to learn some of the basics of how flowering plants are put together.  One of the best ways to do this is to learn through drawing, discovering and recording as you explore a specimen.

We began with a brief overview of flower anatomy, obviously this varies enormously from family to family but if you can recognize basic parts such as the stamen, pistil, sepal, anther…

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