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Step by Step Botanical illustration of Tupelo & Sweet orange

Story posted: 19. January 2018 by Lizzie Harper

A recent natural history illustration commission was to complete two botanical illustrations for labels on jars of honey.  The plants in question were Sweet orange Citrus sinensis and Tupelo Nyssa ogeche .

Neither plant grows wild here in the UK, and there was quite a tight deadline so I needed to work from other illustrations and photos.  For more on how I go about doing this, please check out my blog .

First step is to complete the pencil roughs.  I worked with a mechanical P205 Pentel pencil , and I’m currently working on Stonehenge Aqua Hot Press watercolour paper…

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Teaching Botanical Illustration at Cambridge University Botanic Gardens - Autumn

Story posted: 2. January 2018 by Lizzie Harper

In the autumn I was lucky enough to do two day’s teaching at Cambridge University Botanic Gardens teaching a botanical illustration course with a focus on drawing autumn fruits, berries, and leaves,  to a class of twelve adults who varied from quite experienced to complete beginners.  The first day we looked at leaves, and collected a wonderful assortment from the gardens.

Table of autumn leaves collected from the Botanic gardens

We looked at colour as well as shape, veins, margins, and how the light falls on the surfaces of the leaf blades.  The students did some…

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