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Japanese Knotweed: Botanical illustrations and diagrams

Story posted: 19. October 2018 by Lizzie Harper

My botanical illustrations and diagrams have recently been published in a book all about Japanese knotweed.  It’s called “Japanese Knotweed: Unearthing the Truth” by Nicolas Seal , and is rather a fascinating tome.  It was a fun job to work on, with a wide range of illustrations needing completing.

The author saw a sketchbook study I’d done of this invasive plant online, and got in touch.  He is managing director at Environet a company which eradicates knotweed, is a specialist in the field, and knows more than seems possible about this plant.

Sketchbook study of…

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Learning plants through drawing: Botanical illustration for the absolute beginner

Story posted: 5. October 2018 by Lizzie Harper

I was recently asked to write a few words about how drawing plants helps you to learn about them for a lovely new book I've illustrated, and how even if you're not confident, or have never tried drawing from life before, turning your hand to a bit of basic botanical illustration can be very worthwhile.

Sketchbook illustration of Hawthorn berries in progress

The (slightly altered) text below appears in Foraging with Kids, by Adele Nozedar ; published this month by Nourish books, and illustrated by me.

Foraging with Kids, published this month (order…

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