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Foraging with Kids Illustrations

Story posted: 29. November 2018 by Lizzie Harper

Foraging with Kids has recently hit the bookshops.  It’s written by Adele Nozedar , and illustrated by yours truly.  It’s a project I’m proud to have collaborated on.

Foraging with Kids Illustrations

All the botanical illustrations were in pen and ink.  The art directors and I agreed that simple line drawings would work well.  These would be clear for identification purposes.  Also, they’d double as colouring-in pages.  Adele and I love the idea of kids finding a plant, bringing it home (or eating it then and there!), then colouring in the relevant line drawing.…

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Botanical Illustration of Virginia Creeper leaf

Story posted: 13. November 2018 by Lizzie Harper

Autumn leaves are incredibly beautiful, the form of the leaf coupled with their wonderful variety of colours make them a treat for anyone to illustrate.  This blog is a step by step guide to painting a brightly coloured autumn leaf, in this case a Boston Ivy Parthenocissus tricuspidata leaf.

Autumn leaves with paintbox and inks

(I'll mention here that until I wrote this blog, I thought these were the leaves of the Virginia Creeper Parthenocissus quinquefolia ; and many people I know refer to them as Virginia creepers.  Apologies if I use the wrong name at any…

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