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How to get Children with Learning Difficulties started in the arts

Story posted: 12. December 2018 by Lizzie Harper

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According to psychologist Dr Gail Saltz , learning difficulties are better thought of as brain differences -- minds that process information in a different way. While often thought of as detrimental, there might be benefits, too -- the same differences that make standard classroom learning more difficult, might also make creative and artistic pursuits easier and more enjoyable. Getting children with learning difficulties involved in the arts can help them build confidence and…

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Christmas Greenery

Story posted: 12. December 2018 by Lizzie Harper

Greenery has always been associated with winter and christmas.  This blog explores a little of the history surrounding how and why we bring plants like holly, mistletoe and ivy into our homes in the middle of winter.  It's based on notes from a fascinating talk by IAPI .

Greenery at Christmas: an overview

The history of bringing greenery indoors pre-dates Romans.  In early times, evergreen plants represented new life in mid winter, and gave hope for the spring.  The Romans had a Saturn Festival at a similar time to Christimas, and decorated with greenery.  This…

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