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Blooms & Bees: Illustrating a Honey Label

Story posted: 16. February 2018 by Lizzie Harper

I love it when I'm asked to produce botancial illustrations and natural history paitings for packaging, it's a different side to what I do and I find the change refreshign and challenging.

Sleeping Bear Honey Farm in the USA have commissioned me before to produce artwork for their honey labels, botanical illustrations of the Orange blossom and of the Tupelo (click here for a blog on the steps involved in producing these).  This time they wanted something a little different, a landscape.

Sweet orange Citrus sinensis artwork for another Sleeping Bear honey label…

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Exhibitions: A step by step guide

Story posted: 2. February 2018 by Lizzie Harper

Every once in a while I get around to putting on an exhibition of my illustrations.  In many ways I'm incredibly fortunate, as all I need to do is to flick through the past year or two of botanical illustrations and natural history paintings and decide which ones might look good framed up, or might be appealing enough to sell.  It's a good opportunity to see what work I've done, and to get some of it out of the attic!

There are many things to sort out when arranging an exhibition, so I thought I'd put together a brief step by step guide.


First up, even…

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