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Woodpecker Skull Biomechanics: Natural History Illustration

Story posted: 16. March 2018 by Lizzie Harper

Sometimes I get asked to complete natural history illustrations on topics that are as fascinating as they are random.

Last week, Bloomsbury Publishers got in touch to ask me to do a diagram for one of the books in their “Spotlight” series of natural history titles , this book will be all about woodpeckers.  (I've done diagrams for other titles in the series including "Spotlight: Robin" and "Spotlight: Bumblebee").

This specific illustration was to be showing how a structure called a hyoid helps support the woodpecker tongue, and also has a vital role in cushioning the…

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Step by step Botanical illustration of a Sliced orange

Story posted: 2. March 2018 by Lizzie Harper

In the middle of winter it can be hard for a botanical illustrator to find good subjects to paint; so for my Monday Botanical illustration drop-in class in Hay on Wye I chose to work on a sliced orange as a subject.  The process of breaking down a painting into steps can be tricky; what surprised me most about this subject was how much harder it turned out to be than I’d anticipated!

A good thing about choosing an orange as a subject is that in most places you can get your hands on one easily, and no matter what the season.

(I do need to offer a minor apology, I took the…

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