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Natural Science Illustration: Field Vole step by step

Story posted: 28. June 2018 by Lizzie Harper

A recent natural history illustration commission was to paint a Short-tailed or Field vole ( Microtus agrestis ) for an information board to be erected in a nature reserve.

I’ve painted voles before, and I’ll be brutally honest and acknowledge that these illustrations have been far from my best.  Voles are small and fluffy, and they tend to hold themselves hunched up.  This makes them quite tricky to capture in an illustration as any defining features are hidden in curled up fur.

Embarassingly awful Field vole illustration done in the mid 1990s

However, this vole…

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Grasses: An introduction

Story posted: 7. June 2018 by Lizzie Harper

Grasses (Poaceae) are one of my favourite botanical illustration subjects; I adore drawing and painting them.  I have written a blog on my passion for this family of plants before but wanted to take another look at the way grasses are put together, and introduce beginners to the basic anatomy and terminology that’ll help you start to understand these glorious and diverse plants.

Drawing a plant is one of the best ways to begin to understand it, so I hope this crash course in grass anatomy will help.

Anatomy of Grasses:   Overview of the Plant

Grasses have long…

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