Natural history illustrations for ZSL - December 10th 2012

Story posted: Sunday, 9. December 2012 by Lizzie Harper

I thought this week would be exclusively about marketing and getting more than 400 christmas promotional cards in the post; however, it’s proved a little more interesting than that.

I got a commission from ZSL Whipsnade Zoo to paint ten antelope species, and three other creatures.  I’d never heard of two of them, a mara, and a Barasingha, so it was great fun to research them.  Here’s the final of the Barasingha:

Barasingha antelope

and the rough of the mara.

Pencil rough of a mara


There’s also a pair of peafowl needing illustrating, I simply can’t wait to get my hands on those electric greens and blues, and took a great deal of pleasure in making absolutely sure the female was completely ignoring the male’s display. Here’s the rough:

Pencil rough of pair of peafowl


I also completed my sheet of ash dieback symptoms which makes me feel very bleak indeed, especially the image of the tree with the thinning crown.


Symptoms of Ash dieback, Chalaria fraxinea including damaged leaves, wood, cankers, and fungal fruiting bodies


There’s also a job that’s come up for Bucks, Berks and Oxon Wildlife Trust illustrating a coccolithophore, a fossilized creature that makes up lots of our chalk.  I look forward to working on this; in the meantime have a look at these glorious micro-photogrpahs of them.  Truly incredible and very beautiful.

And the post-box is groaning; I got my promotional Christmas mail-shot done and dusted!

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