Botanical Illustrations, a Sparrowhawk, and some Butterflies November 22nd 2013

Story posted: Friday, 22. November 2013 by Lizzie Harper

I’ve just finished a whole set of botanical illustrations for “Rodale’s 21st century Herbal” by Michael Ballick; a mix of full watercolours like this cross section of an Echinacea;

Botanical illustration of parts of a composite flower by Lizzie Harper

pen and ink with colour wash, like this sheet of seeds and fruit;

Botanical illustration of various fruits and seeds by Lizzie Harper

step-by-step gardening illustrations like this layering of marjoram,

Step by step illustration of layering marjoram

and a bundle of garden plans.

Garden plan scientific illustration by Lizzie Harper

I’ve recently been giving some serious thought to the pressures of social media, and have realised I’ve been spending far too much time scratching away at the keyboard, and not enough with a pencil in my hand.  I’ve resolved to only post to Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, and twitter once a week or less; to write simpler blogs in amongst the more time-consuming step-by-step ones; and to update my online portfolio sites (AOI, Illustration Cloud, Contact-a-creative, and Medillustration) once a fortnight instead of whenever I can.  I feel as if a mighty weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and am hoping this decision won’t see my website tumble into the void instead of being up there on search engine results.

I’ve also finished a private commission to do a heath fritillary butterfly,

Scientific illustration of Heath fritillary butterlfy by Lizzie Harper

been approached to paint an invented amalgam of a yak and a zebra for a band called Yabra, painted a sparrowhawk for my long-suffering partner’s birthday card;

Scientific illustration ornithological illustration of sparrowhawk by Lizzie Harper

and begun work on some test illustrations for a book on bonsai gardening, comparing different mediums to work in.

Natural history illustration of bonsai tree by Lizzie Harper

Here’s hoping people won’t be too disappointed by these shorter and simpler blogs, but a girl’s got to get some painting done!

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Your Post

Saturday, 23. November 2013, 03:08:34 – Janene Walkky:

I think this was a great post--it didn't seem short at all to me. Congratulations on all of your commissions. They all look great but especially love the butterfly. You are wise to take the social media bull by the horns--it can gobble up your life otherwise!

Long suffering

Tuesday, 26. November 2013, 10:20:19 – Andy:

Lizzie, your long suffering partner loves the sparrow hawk and is very grateful. Thanks. X